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Pluck One Stevia Drops
Pluck One Stevia Drops Pluck One Stevia Drops Pluck One Stevia Drops Pluck One Stevia Drops Pluck One Stevia Drops Pluck One Stevia Drops
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Pluck One Stevia Drops

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Stevia is beneficial to health, especially for diabetics

Liquid Stevia drops are a sweet and natural alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners. Add daily to hot/cold beverages like tea/coffee/nimbu pani or to cereal and porridges to get a safe zero calorie sweetener. The Anti-Oxidant properties of Stevia can benefit people of all ages.

Our liquid drops are the purest you can find - only distilled water and pure stevia extract mixed in perfect proportion.

Liquid Stevia can be used to prepare Indian and international desserts. Stevia does not increase blood sugar or impact the glycemic index. Zero calories and zero carbohydrates make liquid stevia the ideal sweetener for diabetics, weight watchers and health conscious individuals. It is safe and natural for daily drinks and food.

A number of Stevia products available in the market contain fillers. With Pluck One, you can be sure to get only distilled water and Stevia, mixed together in ideal proportion of sweetness.

How to use Stevia Liquid Drops


1 drop = 1 tsp of sugar

Add 1-2 drops per cup of beverage


12 drops = ½ cup sugar

Can be used to replace sugar in dessert recipes

Total number of drops per bottle = 400

Our stevia is

  1. Non-GMO (Genetically modified organisms)
  2. Safe
  3. Pure
  4. Natural
  5. Hygienically packed in a GMP facility
  6. Devoid of any chemicals, fillers and additives
  7. Useful in helping diabetics satisfy sweet urges