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Pluck One Stevia Leaves (Dried) (50 gm)
Pluck One Stevia Leaves (Dried) (50 gm) Pluck One Stevia Leaves (Dried) (50 gm) Pluck One Stevia Leaves (Dried) (50 gm) Pluck One Stevia Leaves (Dried) (50 gm)
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Pluck One Stevia Leaves (Dried) (50 gm)

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When you look at our leaves, you will find them to be greener and bigger than ones available in the market. We take pride in growing, plucking and packing the leaves ourselves as opposed to buying them in bulk (which is often mixed with stevia dust, granules etc).

From harvesting followed by sun-drying leaves on special racks to ensure no pests sneak into them to vacuum sealing the bottles at the farm itself, hygiene plays a primary role. Careful protocols have been laid out to ensure optimum quality of our hand picked leaves.

How to use Stevia Leaves

1) Using the leaves

Simply add 2-4 leaves while brewing tea or boiling milk. Best suited for hot beverages

2) Powdering the leaves

Put the leaves in a mixer grinder and powder them. Store in an air-tight container. Add 1/3rd tsp of powder per cup of beverage. Best suited for hot/cold drinks and cereal.

3) Turning leaves into liquid

Boil 50 gms of leaves in 1 litre of water (about 10-12 minutes) till the liquid turns dark green. Strain and refrigerate the liquid in a bottle. Add 1-2 tsp per cup/glass of hot or cold beverage.

Our stevia is

Non-GMO (Genetically modified organisms)
Hygienically packed & vacuum sealed at our farm
Devoid of any chemical based drying process
Useful in helping diabetics satisfy sweet urges