Health & Awareness

Why Added Sugar is bad?
As a culture, we are used to consuming large amounts of sweet foods. The recommended daily intake of sugar (from all sources of food) is merely 5 teaspoons. The average Indian consumes far more than that. It is a myth that only sugar provides energy. Energy is provided through nutrient rich food. Added Sugar plays havoc on your health in so many ways.
  • Sugar leads to diabetes and obesity
  • Sugar causes hormonal imbalances
  • Sugar causes tooth decay
  • Sugar feeds cancer cells
  • Sugar can suppress the immune system
  • Sugar quickens the process of aging

Did you know?

Making healthier choices for you and your family is in your hands. Recognising the source of maximum sugar intake can help you curb calories effectively.

Granola bars / energy bars

Marketed as healthy, many granolas contain brown sugar, honey or dextrose. It would be a far better idea to snack on nuts like almonds, walnuts, pistachios than granolas that contain sugar. 

Daily Beverages

Your daily cup of tea/coffee can contain as much as 32 calories from ADDED SUGAR! A glass of nimbu pani has 32 calories. If your child is used to drinking milk with added ‘healthy’ powders, they are consuming 2 spoonfuls of sugar per cup. Cut down sugar intake by switching to natural zero calorie sweeteners like Stevia. 

Packaged food

Packaged food contains a high amount of sugar. Packaged food can range from sauces to namkeens to ketchup and lots more. Consuming these foods on a regular basis is putting your health in harm's way. Cut it down by eating fresh, home cooked meals daily.

Why Artificial Sugar Free is bad
An alarming number of households are turning to artificial sweeteners with a belief that it prevents them for the harmful effects of sugar. These chemical laden sweeteners are probably even worse than sugar when it comes to health hazards. Ingredients to watch out for. - Aspartame, Sucralose, Acesulfame K, Saccharin, Dextrose, Maltodextrin, etc. 
BEWARE - Some of the proponents of Artificial Sweeteners, are now blending their product with minuscule amount of STEVIA and marketing them as STEVIA based sweeteners.
  • Artificial sweeteners can impact metabolism playing havoc on digestive system.
  • Artificial sweeteners can cause headaches, mood disorders and nausea.
  • Artificial sweeteners impact the blood glucose, insulin and glucagon-like peptide 1 levels.
  • Artificial sweeteners are known to carry carcinogenic ingredients putting people in risk over long term consumption.
A number of Stevia products have made their way into the Indian market. It is essential to segregate good stevia from bad stevia
The Do’s and Dont’s of buying Stevia products

Read Ingredients before purchasing. Red Flag any Stevia products that - 

  • Contains anti-caking agents
  • Contains majorly artificial sweetening agents like Dextrose or Maltodextrin and little amount of Stevia but promotes it as ‘Stevia’
  • Contains Glycerin for making liquid Stevia
Consuming this blended Stevia under the presumption that it is good for health is as bad as adding chemicals into your daily diet. Pure stevia holds a number of benefits but these benefits get minimised or even negated if the product contains chemical ingredients apart from Stevia.

Pure Stevia without fillers and additives

  • Improves diabetic support by boosting insulin sensitivity
  • Does not cause tooth decay
  • Works as a breath freshener
  • Does not carry carcinogenic and hidden chemicals
  • Does not result in weight gain
  • Reduces Sugar cravings
Be wary of Stevia products which use cheap fillers, bulking agents and other chemicals. The level of purity can also depend on the extraction process ranging from 70% to 98%. We only package high quality 98% purity obtained Stevia. With Pluck One, you can be assured of purity across all our Stevia products.